Celebrating Movember with humor – Mark’s take on man’s health

With a birthday coming up this week, my body decided now would be a good time to tell me that I need to stop pretending Iā€™m twenty one. How? You might ask. Well, as a fairly active man I have a reasonably fit body and a little dad bod tummy that Iā€™m sneakily proud of,Continue reading “Celebrating Movember with humor – Mark’s take on man’s health”

Mark’s mussing about books

Lowena dhywgh. It’s Mark, and today it’s my turn to say hi. If you’re wondering what the first sentence is, it’s just me greeting everyone in Cornish. My topic today is trigger warnings. Touchy subject and one that can often be very emotive, but I found myself reading a story that came with a triggerContinue reading “Mark’s mussing about books”

The man I was /The man I am

Looking at this picture, think. I had a choice. Ukrainian and Russian boys don’t. The young men die in old men’s wars and there is no glory in it. It’s not often that I find myself struggling to express my feelings. However, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has left me at a loss at how toContinue reading “The man I was /The man I am”

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