Fat Thursday /Pancake Tuesday time

When you trying to celebrate fat Thursday in Pancake Tuesday way (reference to christian tradition of eating before the lent) When your “jounior doctor/F1″(Mark Vivian) calls his consultant for help … Or how to save breakfast pancakes story It was a lovely morning and my partner decided to cook for me. Mark was making pancakesContinue reading “Fat Thursday /Pancake Tuesday time”

Gardening, Mark’s revenge and Sharpe’s ass(2021)

We started a bit of annual leave, Mark tends to dread those when we stay home because I tend to have “an idea” and he has to work his ass off to make it happen. Today despite the weather, I had an idea we need to prepare the garden for winter .Yes I know weContinue reading “Gardening, Mark’s revenge and Sharpe’s ass(2021)”