Snippet time – this time from Spring Blight third book in the series.

Plus bonus illustration from Winter Dragon (pre-order HERE 😋)

Everyone was already there when she entered Rewan’s office, but to her surprise, the king looked anxious. It was rather odd, as he kept a straight face in the direst of circumstances. Mar and Kaian had already dived into military strategy, evaluating it from every angle, and she could not help but smile, seeing how their minds synchronised regarding military matters.

Mar wanted to incorporate were-people into the king’s guards, especially in the role of the sentinels. Ina had to admit it was an excellent idea. Their heightened senses could provide invaluable intel and an additional level of protection, but Kaian didn’t seem convinced. Was that the reason she was called?

‘Ina, I’m glad you’re here.’ Rewan noticed her first. She smiled and settled on the windowsill’s pillow, looking at the gathering. She saw Kaian stop his conversation and move to the king, placing a hand on his shoulder in a reassuring gesture.

‘So, what catastrophe are we dealing with now?’

Her light tone and playful wink were meant to relieve the tension, but she saw Rewan pale and his advisor’s fingers tightened on the king’s shoulder.

‘Oh, for fuck’s sake, just tell me.’ Ina said, jumping down and approaching the king. ‘You are not dying or something?’ She grabbed Rewan’s chin and tilted his head, looking for concerning signs. The tension burst and Rewan pulled back with a brief chuckle.

‘No, I’m not dying. I’m thinking of getting married.’

’tis Amazon malarky gave me an ulcer.

Yesterday was a day when I use all anti reflux medications we have at home. Had panic attack, meltdown, rage fit and cold overhelming fury … right before I sorted the issue.

So what happen. Well, indie authors knows the pleasure to publish via the Amazon KDP. It is easy, it is handly it opens you up on the great market. It is also automatic soulless machine that treat you like guilty untill proven innocent. As I was writing our third book yesterday suddenly my email box pinqued and I saw the email all authors dread to see.

It has come to our attention that the following book(s) may include one or more images on your book’s cover for which you may not have the necessary rights:

Amazon KDP Team

And I lost my shit… because they made our ebook unavailable for the sale without the warning just snapping the fingers. I would understand the situation where I get an email asking me to prove the licence otherwise in 5 days they will make the book unavailable but no out of the blue ebook of AUTUMN CHAOS was out of the market.

One I calmed my racing heart and drunk enough Gaviscon to tame the raging sea I dug to the licence folder where I was holding everything including the copyright certificate from U.S. goverment. Everybody told you that you don’t need it when you start to look for the copyright advice that just by being an author you are protected.

Yeah … right. If you are an author shift your rear end pay few pennies and get certificate and get one because I’m pretty sure it saved me.

The thing is I have everything as legal as it can be. Invoices for services, acknowleage cover designer and licences for images. So I piled it all up and threw into Amazon quoting the licensing laws and all that jazz fretting because out main sales are in ebooks and loosing them we fall right down onto the bottom of the visibility.

24h later I got an email back. The ebook was restored and is back on sales, and our book positively verified it’s legitimacy both of writing and cover design. But I lost our good ranking position and now will have to dig the book out of the hole it droped because of day with no sales.

But despite almost exploding an ulcer I won this battle and my baby is back on the shelves, all because as a proper control freak Virgo I had all licences and copyright certification ready so if you every decide to go indie path keep all the papers safe. That is my advice to you.

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I intended to post something smart today but my brain resembles melted jello after last night’s Emergency Department Halloween shift

So I will keep it short and sweet. We are having Goodreads giveaway.

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… and I’m off to bed before round two with drunk celebrating corwd tonight.

Shh… sleepy time. (he is a nutjob) 🤣

Sometimes you realise that your life partner and the best co-writer treat you like a toddler. Mark’s and mine writing model, I would call building a sandcastle. I’m the one who piles the sand and shapes it into a castle. Mark is the one who does all the engineering, making sure the structure is sound and adding some military aspects. Later I add decor and atmosphere with a hint of humour, and he polishes it to the shining standard.

In short, I create the story, and he edits it. I love his work and always look forward to reading his edits, especially when we have a scene that is mainly the male POV or male interactions. He is now on chapter 4 of our third book, Spring Blight ( I’m on the 20th ), and when I came back from work yesterday, I was so tired that I completely forgot about his edit.

The realisation that I skipped my favourite part of the day hit me at midnight when we were cuddling in bed, half asleep. Without too much thinking, I sat up, ready to head off to our office to read it, when Mark grabbed me by my pyjamas, pulling me back on his chest, and the discussion unfolded.

‘Where are you going?’

‘I want to read your edit. You were doing Mar and Ren today.’

‘We have work in the morning, we need to sleep. You can read it tomorrow.’

‘But I want to read it now. I love your boyzone edits.’

Nope, I was going nowhere. He had the audacity to press my head to his chest while I kept trying to stand up, and despite my struggle, he gently patted my back, repeating.

‘Shhhh… sleepy time… shhhh .. sleepy time.’

I mean, what the hell? He was acting like I was an overactive toddler on the sugar rush. I almost ended up throwing a tantrum and saying yes, daddy. Instead, being completly baffled by his reaction and roaring laughter for good 15 minutes. Even now, when I think about his shhh… sleepy time, I want to laugh, but it serves me well for loving such a nutjob of a man.

Bookish Sunday- a couple of great news and announcements.

First, a surprise came to us from Germany, where we sold so many copies and out of the blue. We never advertised there but somehow it made this country our biggest market this month.

I’m not sure what happened but thank you so much, Deutschland!

Second, on Thursday, we had our second book back from the editor with annotations:

Here is your order! I was so pulled in by this story, I ended up finishing it earlier than expected because I couldn’t tear my eyes away from it! 


I must admit it made me very happy. If a professional editor who reads books for work still liked our story so much that she finished editing it 2 weeks ahead of the scheduled time, I think it bodes well for Winter Dragon’s success. Now I can speed up with other things to be ready for the 18th December release date.

We still looking forward to adding readers to our ARC team because, as with everything in the publishing world, the more, the merrier and starting with good reviews can increase the book’s chances for success on the market. We really want our second book to succeed, so if you read and liked AUTUMN CHAOS and would like to have early access to WINTER DRAGON, please sign yourself up here we will distribute ARC copies closer to the 15th of November to give you time to read it.

For our VIP readers, the lovely people who left the reviews on Autumn Chaos keep getting in touch with us and liked our books so much they keep recomend it on their own and their friends social channels, we decided to sent a hardback of ARC copy of WINTER DRAGON as soon as we have it available in print.

With such encouragement, I’m back to writing the third book in the series, and as I’m on the last chapters, we have a very good chance to have it ready for the spring release. Stay tuned, and consider spreading the word on our books or you have already done this please, drop us a link, and I will post it on the website/newsletter and our own social channels.

When bully meet the crowd

Last Monday was one of the more entertaining days I had in last three months. It started simply we went shopping, mainly to return an Amazon item I ordered by mistake but also to get me off the computer and writing because Mark claim I’m getting like a hobgoblin all crunched up and typing with fury.

Our first stop and the location events took place was a post office. The queue was enormous, but polite Brits were standing there like soldiers on the watch waiting for their turn. That’s where our anti-hero barged in.

Woman well in her fifties dressed in a very teenage looking frock (not that I’m any better running in my jeans and pony tail), but if you are old enough to remember the 80’s song “Barbie girl” than you have a gist. Our lady went straight to self check till, and that’s where the drama unfolded.

Mentioned till had no paper money option and only pay by card allowed due to malfunction. It was clearly written over the machine and even the paper money slot was taped shut. Seeing her struggling, the young intern came to help, they weighted and measured the package. Much to the woman’s displeasure, the diameters were for the package despite her claiming it was just a big letter.

She was already irritated and kept berating the poor clerk. When comes to the payment, the bomb blew up. The woman insisted she wanted to pay by paper money despite waving her card around. The clerk pointed other machine that would accept it but the barbie girl insisted she must pay in this one and that there is pay by money option on the screen. She just couldn’t accept the explanation that this function is broken in this till and started to rip the sealing tape of the paper money slot shouting she is going to fix it.

Three post clerks came out to rescue their youngest member, and remember we are standing in an enormous queue with no one serving the customer because everybody was dealing with pink lady’s tantrum.

It was clear she wanted to pick up the fight but, oh boy, the queue exploded. Safe to say the words that were flying around would fit a drunken sailor with sore tooth, and at the end, the tantrum lady was forced out of the building followed by the roar of laugher of all involved.

I’m one of this people that get embarrased when someone else is embarassed even if it is just a movie but at this point I was giggling my arse off. No matter who you are don’t mess with polite Brits as they can stand up to any bully.

Giveaway time :)

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“When a Chaos mage fights, only blood and scorched earth remain.”
Mage War Chronicles

GIVEAWAY (16/10/22-28/10/22)

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Some victories are more costly than others, and Ina was the one that paid the price.
Determined to rescue her dragon, the newly appointed royal witch embarks on a gruelling journey through the wintery Grey Mountains. The weather is not her only obstacle, as the enemy forces gathered in the kobold mines have only one goal.
To capture the Chaos mage and deliver her to the heart of the mountain.
With the help of Sa’Ren, Ina arrives at Castle Liath almost unscathed, but her joy is short-lived, as its granite walls hide a shocking revelation.
With blossoming love shattered by a possessive dragon’s claim and an impossible mission to fulfil, will the mysterious Blessing of the Mountain help or hinder her efforts to protect Cornovii?

Immerse yourself in the second book of Season’s War, where passion mix with cruelty and the world-changing power is buried deep in the ancient tomb guarded by the stern Mountain God.

Magic and science degree 😎

When I chat with the readers, I often hear the question of how we came up with our magical system and that our Chaos-Order combination is refreshing between the books on the marker. Well, that’s what you get when a woman with a degree in medical science team up with a telecommunication engineer. 😁

Let’s start by saying I absolutely dislike overpowered heroes and magic appearing from ass knows where. I struggled with Captain Marvel and Scarlet Witch, and many fantasy book doesn’t have a clearly defined ‘where it came from.’ Origin of main character powers. When you make them overpowered, and as a vulnerability, you add only angst (another thing I really dislike)—I don’t find any pleasure in it.

So what exactly is Chaos–in Ina’s world, it is a life force that fuels all, life magic, gods. Yeah, I know you think The Jedi; I think The Entropy.

(a thermodynamic quantity representing the unavailability of a system’s thermal energy for conversion into mechanical work, often interpreted as the degree of disorder or randomness in the system.)

Just imagine all this energy stored in a disorganised way in the universe, and only a few people can directly tap into it and use it. So what is Order in that example? It is nothing else but more organised Chaos. The power that was filtered and stored in a mage body or gems/crystals artefacts that could be used for anything. Energy itself has no purpose, and it is up to the user to shape it as per natural predisposition. Some will grow plants, others will heal or fight, and highest Order mages, just like computer algorithms, can use it to predict reality patterns.

With this comes limitations. Ina can be godlike if introduced in an environment of high entropy Chaos (battle) and thoroughly mediocre mage when the Chaos is low. The mages are called bejewelled colleagues because they have to carry the gems around, just like you carry the power bank for your phone.

As you see yourself, our magic system is not unique. It is based on life itself. All I did was use my own personal Chaos and harness it in an illusion spell to create the magical world of Cornovii. I hope you enjoy it.

Also, please congratulate our latest giveaway winners:

  1. Charmis Casella Abila – Amazon gift card
  2. Michael Ames and Maria Garcia – paperback of Autumn Chaos

Domestic applications for the dragon 🤣

‘Mar, you grew bigger recently…’

He wasn’t sure whether she was asking or making a statement so he only looked at her with a question in his eyes.

‘I mean, I noticed you become bulkier and taller like your dragon part tries to spread the frame to fit in, and you are hotter to touch’ she tapped her fingers over his pecks when his eyebrows shot up in response. ‘I think I like it gives more space to cuddle, but can you soften a bit when you change so it is more like a cushion, and your dragon is good for long trips. We don’t need a big fire to get warm just to cuddle to your nice round belly. Can you do it for me?’

SPRING LOVERS clipped paragraph

and THIS my dear readers is the reason why I should not write super tired or under the influence. 😂

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