Congratulations to the winners!

Congratulation to our winners.

Please check your email boxes (including the spam folders, as the rewards will be coming shortly).

I would also like to let you know our new Giveaway, “Get to know Ina”, will start tomorrow on the day of the book release AND that AUTUMN CHAOS eBook will be free worldwide for the first 7 days, so you have a chance to get to know Ina and enter the second giveaway.

3 days to go – a thank you for the team :)

As I’m sitting and twiddling my thumbs waiting for the AUTUMN CHAOS to go live we got another lovely review.

And as bragging is my second nature I just couldn’t stop myself from sharing it wait you all

We finally manage to set up all formats and now not only eBook but also paperback and hard cover is available both on Amazon and on various other platforms. By the way hardcover has some juicy illustrations to go.

Things are getting a little bit crazy on the blog tour as we suddenly get so many followers on Twitter and Instagram and I can’t be happier about it. Also may people declared on Goodreads they would like to read our book. And although I don’t see such huge spike in sales one can only hope that everybody is waiting for the release day when the book is available on Kindle 😊

Mark is on the last paragraphs of WINTER DRAGON and I’m hoping we will send it to beta readers in next 3 days and that mean second book will be available before Christmas. I’m still learning how to plan my “publishing industry” and cats only knows I would so do with a personal assistant. I feel like wherever I turn my head around there is something to do and that is on the top of my day job. Maybe one day I can afford one and Chrissy my medical secretary will be free from NHS (I’m telling you this woman is a marvel in organising things), one can only dream .

This release also allowed us to meet a wonderful people that not only like us as authors but also interacts with us on a very humane friendly level. Let me name a few, we met Sally Altass – a fellow author who support us in our journey, young @Charm📖 – whose passion for books and enthusiastic reviews always makes us smile, our beta and alpha readers whose opinion keeping us in check and improve our craft and reader’s experience.

Finally we are blessed with having a team of amazing artists from cover designer Germancreative, graphic designer Daianav and illustrator FukamiHB. There is also a copy editor Anne-Marie Rutella who polished our book to the level it is now. It takes a good team to make a good book and I believe we mange to gather the best, all I can ask now is to have a little bit of luck and be noticed so my current and potential readers can enjoy it.

… and if you want to interact with us on day to day levels, share post and meet like minded people. Please join our group Funtasy with Spice

Pre-release week (1)

It is happening, we are on the last few days before Autumn Chaos become available world wide.

Next few posts will be dedicated to this event and on Wednesday 31/August we will announce our pre-release giveaway winner and tell you about new contest so please stay tuned

And if you still hesitate whether to get our book? Well, read a few reviews from our ARC readers, we are so thrilled by such positive reception and …

We want more so we discounted eBook for Amazon pre-order to 0.99$. I know, I know we not earning now but I’m such a sucker for the reviews. 😁

Am I cursed?

And lets not forget the lake and awesome swim in the wild lake Kraksy

My holiday time is as bonkers as the rest of my life. My mother invited everyone to the fancy restaurant near the lake for family dinner. Around 20 people were about to turn up; some hadn’t seen me for the last 3 years, so I wanted to look at my best. Still, it was near the lake, and the restaurant patio opened to the beach, so I took the flip-flop sandals. They were nice, and I could easily take them off if I decided to walk on the beach or go to the lake.

My cousin was giving me a lift, and all I did was walk from the house to the car. While on a journey, I felt my sandals were very light on my feet, which I took as a welcome perk. The problem started when I got out of the car, walked a few steps and noticed the soles of my sandals were left behind.

I had the soles and the straps but not connected to each other.

In both sandals.

At the same time.

Right before big family reunion.

I started laughing and that startled Mark, who didn’t know why I suddenly bent forward and can’t stop gigging, but I just couldn’t imagine weirder scenario. And so I walked to the banquet room of a fancy restaurant like a barefoot Contessa holding the sad remains of my sandals.

Happily my family is not the most sane ones and found this situation perfectly hilarious. Quoting my cousin, “I have so much fun in Poland that my shoes fell off”.

I’m going berserk, an attempt of book theft.

This week was an awkward one so far. First, I’m getting anxiously excited about the book release. Typesetting is beautiful, the line art I ordered for Autumn Chaos coming along so nicely, and pre-orders are coming in slowly but steadily. All seems in motion and are in place, and I thought I could relax during my holiday in Poland, but it all seems to be somewhat tightened up, and the less I have to do during those last 3 weeks, the more I feel like I missed something important.

So I organised a pre-launch giveaway because why not? It can spread awareness, and I’m testing the waters before going all guns blazing during the release date. Join and share on social media if you wish, and I will be very grateful.

That’s for the cheerful news

On the annoying note, during the blind search (throw the stone, who doesn’t google your name once or twice😋), I found out two websites are pirating our book A Little Accident, which so pisses me off. It is just 4 months on the market, and if I wish to give it for free to my subscribers, it is up to me, but someone profiting from the “subscribe to our website and read for free” scheme made me furious.

My inner berserk sprang to action. I spent the whole yesterday reporting them for copyright infringement too, I think, all over the world and any authority I could find. The only positive thing I was in the excellent company of authors I admire, so … it was a kind of compliment, no?

Today I’m back to writing as it messed up my word count for the third book, which triggered my writer’s OCD. Oh, and keep an eye on the Sunday post. I will show you one of the artworks. It is so bold and made me smile.

Fix what’s not broken(I’m EPIC) 🤣

To be an indie author means learning a lot of new skills. For example, nowadays, you must have a website. Without knowledge or any kind of training, I built our website from scratch (nope; I did not code it, just put things together on WordPress), but still, it works reasonably well.

Until Friday, when I noticed the image loading was a bit slow during the routine maintenance, I reloaded it and turned up AMP settings. On the desktop, it looked brilliant, but in any android settings, it was a disaster. Most people accessed the website from their phones, so I needed to fix it, and that’s how I spent the last two days. Redoing the whole front page—TWICE.

The language I used when elements didn’t want to fit as planned could be easily heard in any garage when the mechanic hit this thumb with a hammer. And finally, Mark decided to help and while he was Googling the “fix AMP settings” looking for a solution, I decided I had enough and …


The damned thing fixed itself. I don’t know how and I’m unsure if I want to know. Mark almost died laughing, especially when I yelled at him; he is the bloody engineer and should tell me to turn it on and off.

Long story short, it’s working now, and we have a brand new home page.

Oh, and we have a pre-launch giveaway. If you sign yourself, you can win £25. Link here: GIVEAWAY

I’m melting, not just from heat

Cornwall is not the best place to live today. The weather is hot and humid and despite the sky being overcast, both Mark and I are laying on the couch like overheated dogs. That worries me because I just sent the book for formatting and I have this “did I lock the door” feeling.

You must know it, you walk out of the house, lock the doors, walk half way where you want to and question yourself if you really locked the doors. With my today mushy state of mind, despite checking manuscript several times, I still have this feeling I may overlook some double lines or silly mistakes. It is just bonkers.

Anyway, plans for the evening are cold shower and movie night with Mark and it looks like we will be watching things hot, wet and naked, not necessary for the right reasons. 🤣

But before your imagination drifts in uncharted territory, look to the side – we have our first review for AUTUMN CHAOS from our ARC reader and I can’t be happier. We have a saying in Poland ( mostly untranslatable) but let me paraphrase it loosely that the writer needs review like withered flowers need water. Well, this one definitely made me blossom and reading it not only sweeten my waiting time for the publication date but also caused a small, happy meltdown. So there, for you to enjoy..

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