Lost voice and other existential problems

Mark is slaving upstairs editing our first book, and I must admit I am pushing him to the limit with my endless “can you polish this scene a little bit more demands.” I don’t think he will ever forgive me this, let’s write the book we would like to read idea, but as a supportiveContinue reading “Lost voice and other existential problems”

Gardening, Mark’s revenge and Sharpe’s ass(2021)

We started a bit of annual leave, Mark tends to dread those when we stay home because I tend to have “an idea” and he has to work his ass off to make it happen. Today despite the weather, I had an idea we need to prepare the garden for winter .Yes I know weContinue reading “Gardening, Mark’s revenge and Sharpe’s ass(2021)”

Happy Cat Day my fellow Crazy Cat people (Diesel Story)

Love can make miracles. This is my Diesel – the day I found him coated in diesel oil and a few months later. Sometimes you choose to be a hero, more often it is thrown on you like a cart of bricks. It was around 4am, still dark and we were driving back from visitingContinue reading “Happy Cat Day my fellow Crazy Cat people (Diesel Story)”

Let me play you the song of my people(2020)

To set a background for this story, Mark’s son has autism, a bit of weird form as he loves his cuddles and tickles, also when he is bored or really want something he makes a noise we call singing but … just imagine Florence Foster Jenkins type of opera aria. We also have a disabledContinue reading “Let me play you the song of my people(2020)”

Blood gore and new doors (story from 2020)

People do weird things this year; we, for example, decided to exchange doors for a new one. Installation was booked for today at 8 am, so we woke up early in the morning to lock the cats in upstairs rooms; we did not want any accidents with escapees to happen of course. As you allContinue reading “Blood gore and new doors (story from 2020)”