Anxiety bandong-a- donk

Our first book is with Beta readers, and our query letter is being worked up by professional to make it appealing for agents and publishers. All seems to be on the right path and going as planned and I can’t help to get bouts of anxiety each time I think about it. What if theContinue reading “Anxiety bandong-a- donk”

a life of a doctor

Working in ED has its perks, mostly just seeing unspeakable things people do to themselves and trying to keep straight face when you fixing it, or having amazing nurse colleagues that always have your back, or being able to teach your junior doctors and see the eureka moment in their eyes. BUT it can alsoContinue reading “a life of a doctor”

Just a bit of daily humour

We were watching “Rebel Princess” ( Chinese, historic series). The side character is giving birth everyone screams for hot water and towels. Me: If I ever deliver don’t you dare to call for hot water. Mark: If you ever deliver I will call a priest Me: da fcuk??? Mark: I will become a believer witnessingContinue reading “Just a bit of daily humour”

Finally, they are out.

After Mark’s perfectionism finally let him release our triple edited book, we send the first copies to our Beta Readers. I feel both excited and scared. Not time to rest a little and wait for the feedback. So, wish us luck.

One is playing when another one is working 😁

When Mark is working his butt off re-editing an already edited book(I know, I know but he is a perfectionist 😏). I was playing with cover graphic a new blurb and generally hyping myself up. But, enough procrastinating today time to sit down and continue to write “Winter Dragon” Blurb (new version) When a batteredContinue reading “One is playing when another one is working 😁”

Cocks and Roses (2019)

Mark is still polishing the editing – after already editing the whole book, and I am a bit anxious to get the final result. As I can’t focus please read the post from my archive. I can’t stop laughing. I was just walking home after the shift. A regular thing, you say.So I’m walking throughContinue reading “Cocks and Roses (2019)”

Beta-manuscript is ready 😊

We are absolutely excited. Finally, after Mark’s hard work and multiple editing sessions, our manuscript is ready for Beta-reading. We are so absolutely excited and those of you who contact us and wished to become our readers will get a copy for feedback soon. I hope you would like our very naughty heroes and theirContinue reading “Beta-manuscript is ready 😊”

The over bear-ing Man πŸ˜‚

Mark is well known for being overprotective. Yesterday I had a bad day and it seemed to get into his head. We have this super king-size monstrosity in the bedroom, the biggest one available in the UK because when I sleep, I’m like a starfish on steroids, not only ever extremity is spread wide butContinue reading “The over bear-ing Man πŸ˜‚”

Doomsday prophet – little life rant

Life has been difficult work-wise, It really feels like the worst post-covid scenario is fulfilling itself hitting my prime job on the NHS front. I don’t think I have the energy to write more after nine hours fighting for a bed, any bed that will allow me to treat my patients. Now, looking at theContinue reading “Doomsday prophet – little life rant”

THE hangover…

Going out with your colleagues is tricky; they are lovely and generous and always want to buy another round. Then you end up home with your partner and a big bottle of baileys, and somehow your cats convinced you to have another drink or two before going to bed. You play with these damn monstersContinue reading “THE hangover…”

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