Beta-manuscript is ready ๐Ÿ˜Š

We are absolutely excited. Finally, after Mark’s hard work and multiple editing sessions, our manuscript is ready for Beta-reading. We are so absolutely excited and those of you who contact us and wished to become our readers will get a copy for feedback soon. I hope you would like our very naughty heroes and theirContinue reading “Beta-manuscript is ready ๐Ÿ˜Š”

The over bear-ing Man ๐Ÿ˜‚

Mark is well known for being overprotective. Yesterday I had a bad day and it seemed to get into his head. We have this super king-size monstrosity in the bedroom, the biggest one available in the UK because when I sleep, Iโ€™m like a starfish on steroids, not only ever extremity is spread wide butContinue reading “The over bear-ing Man ๐Ÿ˜‚”

Doomsday prophet – little life rant

Life has been difficult work-wise, It really feels like the worst post-covid scenario is fulfilling itself hitting my prime job on the NHS front. I don’t think I have the energy to write more after nine hours fighting for a bed, any bed that will allow me to treat my patients. Now, looking at theContinue reading “Doomsday prophet – little life rant”

THE hangover…

Going out with your colleagues is tricky; they are lovely and generous and always want to buy another round. Then you end up home with your partner and a big bottle of baileys, and somehow your cats convinced you to have another drink or two before going to bed. You play with these damn monstersContinue reading “THE hangover…”

The night battle royal

Waking up today was a bit of a challenge; I felt my body cramps in weird places, and I vaguely remember Mark had felt a strong affiliation to my knee. In fact, he grabbed it in the middle of the night, and he didn’t let go like a grip of death, forcing me to twistContinue reading “The night battle royal”

The Foreign Affairs – my take on issue.

As you know our writers’ duo is half Polish. I grew up in the shade of the Soviet Union, now living away from Poland, I’m devastated seeing what is happening in Ukraine. I’m worried about my country and being a fatalist I don’t believe in NATO’s successful defence or world sanctions. What I believe isContinue reading “The Foreign Affairs – my take on issue.”

Fat Thursday /Pancake Tuesday time

When you trying to celebrate fat Thursday in Pancake Tuesday way (reference to christian tradition of eating before the lent) When your “jounior doctor/F1″(Mark Vivian) calls his consultant for help … Or how to save breakfast pancakes story It was a lovely morning and my partner decided to cook for me. Mark was making pancakesContinue reading “Fat Thursday /Pancake Tuesday time”

Between writing and being a responsible adult

Sometimes the major problem in fulfilling your writing goals is your life. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to the point (and probably never will, but hey, one has to try) when, as renowned writers, we can sit and pour on the paper all the stories we have in our heads. Instead, I’m trying to be aContinue reading “Between writing and being a responsible adult”

A little snippet from “Autumn Magic”

” Ina welcomed the morning through narrowed eyes, the beautiful rays of the sun penetrating through a gap in the curtains. Birds were singing softly in Velkaโ€™s lush garden whilst Boruta found his way to Inaโ€™s chest and now was sitting there smacking her cheek, asking for food. Raising her head from the soft fluffyContinue reading “A little snippet from “Autumn Magic””

The Doors and determined woman

As, crazy cat people, we have 5 furry beasts in our house. One of them our little Diesel have refractory epilepsy. That means we need to give him his meds 4 times a day to the dot otherwise he has a seizure. Unfortunately one of those times is 7am and trust me no one inContinue reading “The Doors and determined woman”

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