The random stream of thoughts: Easter, ED and daily frustrations

The day before Easter morning in Poland, is the time when in almost every house, people gather to paint the eggs. It is mainly disguised as “we are doing it for the kids,” but don’t be mistaken. It is a proper competition where adults feel pressure to have the best eggs in the basket. (Yes,Continue reading “The random stream of thoughts: Easter, ED and daily frustrations”

Adulting – it’s so overrated.

Easter is coming and with this a holiday period. That means Mark’s children are with their mom and we have whole and QUIET house for ourselves. Yesterday we came from work completely knackered. Mark had to drive a lot and I had a survival boot in ED, but hey, we managed to keep everyone aliveContinue reading “Adulting – it’s so overrated.”

It looks like we found our niche 😍

We are scoring first in Amazon search when you type fantasy humour Obviously not many people think fantasy can be absolutely hilarious, but hey, that gives us a chance to build our brand. All I can ask now is please get it for free and enjoy it, and if you are kindly leave the reviewContinue reading “It looks like we found our niche 😍”

The writing routine and a bit of news

My morning writing routine. two cups of coffee 1 annoying cat demanding attention Can of cat treats to distract him 😁 What is yours? Please give us a clue in the comments. Oh and I almost forgot our Ina’s short story A Little Accident was summited to Amazon Kindle and soon will be available toContinue reading “The writing routine and a bit of news”

A teaser ☺

Exciting news for us! I finished writing Ina’s short story, a prequel to our Season’s War series titled: A LITTLE ACCIDENT I think we all remember good old times in the University when things just didn’t go as planned. I remember mine and thanks to unforgettable time on Gdańsk Medical University Ina got her adventure.Continue reading “A teaser ☺”

Far East – my love

Not so long ago Goodreads posted a question on their Twitter about the desirable locations for the book settings. For as long as I remembered I had two cultural fascinations in my life. Easter Europe(duh!) and Far East Asia. When I was writing the AUTUMN CHAOS one of my goals was to bring a bitContinue reading “Far East – my love”


Small snippet from our second book WINTER DRAGON (unedited so have patience with polish syntax 😉). Credit to Shadow–Twilight–twilight “My chickens, a beast is eating my chickens.” A serf from the household ran into the training field and pleaded with Alleron. “My lord, help us. A beast is eating the chickens.” Ina was tryingContinue reading “WINTER DRAGON snippet”

When you are shit in digital arts but you still trying 🤣

Don’t let me start. I am writing WINTER DRAGON, and being half way through the book something tempted me to procrastinate and in my endless self belief I decided to brace with digital art because I CAN DO IT. Four hours later here you have the “monkey with crayon” result. Safe to say, lets leaveContinue reading “When you are shit in digital arts but you still trying 🤣”

The ritual

via GIPHY Every single morning before I start to do anything else I have to go through “Initiation of the day” ritual. It starts from jumping on my bladder to wake me up, then intercepting my stride to make sure I will find my way to the kitchen where the pack of starving cats lookContinue reading “The ritual”

Querying frenzy

I’ve spend most of my yesterday afternoon sending queries. It sound simple and straightforward. Produce email, attach synopsis and 3 Chapter writing sample and off you go. BUT You are trying to make a query letter appealing and at least vaguely personal rather than soulless template sent to every one. That gives me hours ofContinue reading “Querying frenzy”

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