Welcome in Olena Nikitin’s

Street Team and ARC readers group. 

Ground Rules



-> Access to ARC copies of new books

-> For those who review the book within 2 weeks from release we sent a signed paperback copy.

-> Access to the private group and personalise contact 

-> Sign copies/physical gifts and exclusive giveaway access

What we expect.


This requires an active Amazon and/or Goodreads account.

-> Must be a reader of fantasy, fantasy romance, urban fantasy +/- romance, dark fantasy romance or paranormal romance.

-> Must post a review within 10 days of publication on  book platforms, including but not limited to: ( copy/paste review between the sites is fine)


-> We acknowledge sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances or disliked/DNF, the story Reader may prefer not to post a negative review we appreciate this kindness, but please let us know about it via email/message. 

-> Ghosting a review will result in removal from the ARC team.

-> If you opted-in to our newsletter please make sure you remain subscribed to our ARC group.  To avoid regular newsletter emails, you can choose New releases only. 

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY TRIGGER WARNINGS – we write dark fantasy for adult readers or dark paranormal romance for a mature audience

PLEASE DO NOT accept ARC’s for titles which may be potentially triggering, OR do not review negatively based on triggers



You will be considered a street team if you help us to promote our book online e.g. recommend it to readers groups, and create Instagram/TikTok/Facebook posts. the rule is very simple if you like it, tell others 🙂


-> eBook copy of our new releases and, in some cases, paper/hardback

-> Opportunity to Beta-read our work in progress.

-> Dedicated giveaways/freebies

-> Mutual support on social media

Please keep in mind

We kindly ask you to sign up and remain on our Newsletter list to keep up with the updates and news.

We welcome any form of communication, so if you have any questions please find us on one of our many social platforms.

Best Wishes, and I’m happy to see you here.

Olena Nikitin