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Yuletide in Liath

Short Story (Christmas Special)

A short story set in the Season’s War universe. Non- canon

What if a snowstorm trapped an angry witch in Liath?
What if Chaos magic could light up the darkness of the night?
What if a dragon’s kiss could change the woman’s heart?

It is story is a non-cannon, which means that it doesn’t have relation to the timeline of Season’s War events, but… what if it did?

A Little Accident

Short Story (Season’s War Prequel)

Nerissa the Arch Healer of Cornovii

Life is complicated enough when you are the scorn Chaos mage and the lady of the noble house. However, Ina took the art of misfortune to new heights, the day she decided to save the life of the common frog.
There is a reason the common folk say “no good deeds go unpunished,” and Ina’s moment of weakness can bring catastrophic consequences.


Season’s War: Book One

Chaos, monsters, and one mistake threaten to ruin the kingdom.

Offending the king’s manhood is never a good idea. Years ago, Lady Inanuan of Thorn lost everything, her friends, her position and her comfortable life when she was exiled to the mythical Black Forest.
After a half-dead Marcach, Captain of the King’s Guard, lands on her doorstep, Ina takes a gamble, and to win her freedom, breaks an ancient law to save his life… only to be accused of plotting rebellion.
Confused by his feelings and seeing his best friend on the brink of death, Marcach forces this obstinate woman to use her magic again, unaware that the Chaos she wields creates an unbreakable bond. The forbidden spell awakens an ancient bloodline and dark desires, creating an intense rivalry between the warriors over a woman who despises any commitment.
Saddled with unwilling guardians, with bodies piling up in the sewers of Osterad, Ina must solve a mystery to clear her name, knowing her failure will devastate the kingdom, while the heart she so fiercely guarded reluctantly yields to the men she never wanted.


Season’s War: Book Two

“When a Chaos mage fights, only blood and scorched earth remain.”
Mage War Chronicles

Some victories are more costly than others, and Ina was the one that paid the price.
Determined to rescue her dragon, the newly appointed royal witch embarks on a gruelling journey through the wintery Grey Mountains. The weather is not her only obstacle, as the enemy forces gathered in the kobold mines have only one goal.
To capture the Chaos mage and deliver her to the heart of the mountain.
With the help of Sa’Ren, Ina arrives at Castle Liath almost unscathed, but her joy is short-lived, as its granite walls hide a shocking revelation.
With blossoming love shattered by a possessive dragon’s claim and an impossible mission to fulfil, will the mysterious Blessing of the Mountain help or hinder her efforts to protect Cornovii?

To The First Blood

Flash Fiction ( Mar POV)

When the young Marcach, scion of the military leader of the House of Liath was sent to war he expected to do heroic deeds. Instead, he found out nothing was as it seemed and that the war is best fought in the tavern, with the tankard of mead in hand.