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We were watching “Rebel Princess” ( Chinese, historic series). The side character is giving birth everyone screams for hot water and towels.

Me: If I ever deliver don’t you dare to call for hot water.

Mark: If you ever deliver I will call a priest

Me: da fcuk???

Mark: I will become a believer witnessing such a miracle.


Have a doctor in the family … they said

Mark looking for compassion on WhatApp

Olga: Wtf?

Olga: What have you done this time?

Mark: Knocked my hand

Olga: I think that you have some engineer’s version of self-harm problem

Mark: It’s not like I did it on purpose

Olga: Yada yada … you touch me with this hands so be careful


You have a choice … well kind of

Olga: Do we have any plans for the weekend?

Mark: I was hoping to rest, have a lie in, read a book or so, I’m bit tired recently.

Olga: Good, so we will clean the garage.

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