The night battle royal

Waking up today was a bit of a challenge; I felt my body cramps in weird places, and I vaguely remember Mark had felt a strong affiliation to my knee. In fact, he grabbed it in the middle of the night, and he didn’t let go like a grip of death, forcing me to twist weirdly to get a desirable position.

So, of course, I had to scorn him for this. For a moment, he looked at me like a wounded Bambi that he said with accusation.

“… and do YOU remember what you did to me last night?”

He then painted a picture of me pulling a whole blanket from under him, despite his fierce defence of this object of desire. I then proceed to cover him with it, tucking the edges under his bum and sides, covering his feet, pulling it up to his chin and generally wrapping him like a mummy. I finish it all with a “there, there, good mommy boy” pat on the head, and I fell on my side of the bed sleeping, leaving him with WTF just happened woken up state.

Now, I don’t remember such an event, also I don’t have this caring attitude, and if I ever grab a blanket, it would be for my own personal gain. I’m pretty sure he is taking a mickey of me and trying to shift the blame for this deadlock on my knee.

But who knows, I am known to have weird dreams 😁

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