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As you know our writers’ duo is half Polish. I grew up in the shade of the Soviet Union, now living away from Poland, I’m devastated seeing what is happening in Ukraine. I’m worried about my country and being a fatalist I don’t believe in NATO’s successful defence or world sanctions. What I believe is if the West is going to stop the invasion they should do it now by sending an army, and I’m sure Ukraine’s government would welcome any military help.

When I was in primary school, I was bullied because of my surname. (in polish, Żmijewska means viper, yeah I know). There were other reasons, but enough to say no ignoring the issue, peaceful solutions, or telling the teachers worked. One day my uncle, with a less than stellar legal past, against my mom’s wishes, taught me how to kick the shit out of a person.

It took one good beating and I was never touched or bullied in any of my schools again. Because that’s how you deal with bullies you speak their language and make sure they understood.

The sanctions won’t work worst; they will affect the innocent russian citizens who never wanted the war and are now taking all the risks protesting on the streets in the country where you can simply disappear for standing up to the power.

Standing up for Ukraine is standing up for the way of life we’ve chosen because trust me Russian government won’t ask for your preferred pronoun or respect your liberties. I was only a child, but I still remember martial law and tanks on the streets and the day when a general declared the end of freedom on TV instead of a fairytale for goodnight.

So, I wish world politics had a spine to stand up to the bully and send the troops to Ukraine when we still can.

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