A little snippet from “Autumn Magic”

” Ina welcomed the morning through narrowed eyes, the beautiful rays of the sun penetrating through a gap in the curtains. Birds were singing softly in Velka’s lush garden whilst Boruta found his way to Ina’s chest and now was sitting there smacking her cheek, asking for food. Raising her head from the soft fluffy pillow, Ina glanced around the room

“Will you all just shut up!” She moaned, stifling her gag reflex. The hangover was a bitch, the painful cost of such careless drinking. Her cat moved himself to the end of the bed and stared at Ina with patent accusation. Hearing the commotion, Velka’s servants knocked softly then entered the room, carrying breakfast and a toiletry set. They looked around, unsure what to do next, seeing the witch sitting on the bed with her head in her hands, trying to shelter her eyes from daylight. To their relief, she waved them away, and they spared no effort to leave the room as soon as possible. Sit appeared yesterday’s procession was too much of a strain of their senses, especially since they had to drag their guest up, and she looked more like a corpse at the time.

Ina moaned, “why do they all have to be so loud today?” Dragging herself out of bed, she approached the toiletry set and poured some water into the bowl; after a few initial splashes, she just gave up and dived head into the liquid. Unfortunately, the water was too warm to soothe her headache; hearing the door slamming again, she thought, “Oh, just let me die.”

Thunder suddenly assaulted Ina’s ears. “Inanuan Zoria Thornsen, what in the gods’ names have you been up to?”

Hope you like it – with this, your author is off to her second job healing broken bodies 🙂

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