The Doors and determined woman

As, crazy cat people, we have 5 furry beasts in our house. One of them our little Diesel have refractory epilepsy. That means we need to give him his meds 4 times a day to the dot otherwise he has a seizure.

Unfortunately one of those times is 7am and trust me no one in this household like to wake up early. Today was my turn, half asleep I went to the bathroom as no sane person would chase the cat around the house with a full bladder. and everything was normal till I tried to open the door.

It just didn’t budge.

In our book “Autumn Chaos,” the witch has a running relationship with the doors mostly sending them flying and now I was facing a similar dilemma.

Mark was peacefully sleeping on the other side and here I am with 7am ticking on the clock and doors that no gentle persuasion no shoulder barge could open. I could of course call for help. Mark as a skilful engineer would free me in no time but …

I’m a strong independent woman so hear me roar.

Bracing myself on the radiator I raised my leg to “break and enter” kick in the lock only to land in quite an acrobatic pose on the other side.

The doors that didn’t move when I shoulder hammer them suddenly decided to click and unblock themselves.

Just … why?

Oh, and did I mention Mark was sleeping about 3 meters away from this ordeal. Nope, he did not wake up. When this man sleeps, he sleeps. In the case of war, I think I just have to move his sleeping beauty self into a safer place.

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