Fair (sex) Barter

Yesterday Mark came down after a full day of editing. Dark circles under his eyes told me he once again fought with Grammarly and ProWrittignAid for dominance over the English grammar. He approached me in the kitchen and cuddled to my back.

My first thought was,  “he is hungry again.”  Don’t get me wrong, I feed him well as I firmly believe the glucose levels can affect the quality of the work. But no, this time, he only cuddled and whispered.

“Do you realize I never worked that hard, not even in the forces?”

That was strange since he was deployed to Gulf War and had a good time listening to someone’s orders. Compering to this, I didn’t consider myself a cruel master. 😁

“What makes you work so hard now, it’s not like I can force you to do 10 hours of editing.”

I took a bit of offence. Did he suggest I stood there cracking a whip over his head? He cuddled me even closer and, after a moment of silence, said.

“No, but since I’m trading this for food and sexual favours, that’s only fair.”

Now I have to review the sex scenes in the book, just in case my editor lets his imagination run wild. 😉

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