Lost voice and other existential problems

Mark is slaving upstairs editing our first book, and I must admit I am pushing him to the limit with my endless “can you polish this scene a little bit more demands.” I don’t think he will ever forgive me this, let’s write the book we would like to read idea, but as a supportive partner, he is doing everything in his power to polish my English 🙂

I don’t like to sit and do nothing, so while he is busy with the first I’ve started the second book called “The Winter Dragon.” I have the right idea, the outline of the book is planned, some scenes drafted in my head and it will be awesome ( yeah, I know all writers say so about their books). Yesterday I sat down and put 2000 words on the paper, but unlike with the first book when words just flow freely and I could easily produce 5000 words on a day this time it feels more like hard labour.

Not that the final product is bad, I re-read it several times and the scene is good, tension is good, characters are vivid, but it was just so much work. It felt like this two weeks break I took in writing made me lose my voice and now I have to rail myself back in.

It is so annoying.

Still, the second book won’t write itself, so setting myself a realistic goal of 1000 words a day I’m hoping I will be able to push past my writer’s block and finish it before April.

it looks like my fortis crisis brought me to a more creative side.

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