Gardening, Mark’s revenge and Sharpe’s ass(2021)

We started a bit of annual leave, Mark tends to dread those when we stay home because I tend to have “an idea” and he has to work his ass off to make it happen. Today despite the weather, I had an idea we need to prepare the garden for winter

.Yes I know we have clay, ground, and I know it gets waterlogged, but the grass is not going to cut itself, so my brave man sloshed like a pig in the mud was pushing lawn mover through the bog. I head muttering sounds something like

“ I will pack you and send you to your mother for next leave, lock-down or not”

But of course, I just misheard it as he would never be unhappy doing such a simple task, so peacefully I continued to pick up dry leaves and gravel the pond area. Finally, he finished, and yes, I realize we will have to buy a new lawn mover for the spring, but the grass looks nicely cut, so it was worth it.

At this point, I was using very colourful language to explain prickly brambles they have to go, and resistance is futile. I won’t quote as that would be a risk of having a Facebook ban. When I turned to Mark, he just brushed mud and looked at me with determination,

“I’m done for the day.”

… and he marched to the living room.

“Yeah, right,” I thought, and after finishing a few knicks and knacks, I went back home. Mark was on his “dad’s chair” a monstrosity otherwise called a snug chair that can freely hold two people and rotates. Yeah, I know, but he loves it so … Any way he was watching something and I had some computer work to do so I didn’t bother.

Three hours later I realize we are watching the same movie, or as I was enlightened later, we are watching the epic adventure of captain Sharp from the Sharpe series. To give you context I binge, mainly on Chinese historical TV dramas, but when I binge I do it like many things in life, very professional. I watch several hours straight when I sit, and Chinese historic dramas tend to have 60 episodes or more. Mark suffers silently, he knows more chaotic work is more I need slow-flowing very in the past things, this time my muddy monster took revenge and I’ve got Sharpe. Several hours straight, I even got told off when I ask how many episodes as of course I was suggesting we watched for too long.

So we were sitting and watching, well half watching, I was building my civilization in the game, till at some point I looked at the screen and here he was Sean Bean, all in his shirtless glory nicely bend over horse trove.

“WOW!, he has a really nice ass”

I blurted. That was the last episode of Sharpe we watched that night, I don’t know why.

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