Happy Cat Day my fellow Crazy Cat people (Diesel Story)

Love can make miracles. This is my Diesel – the day I found him coated in diesel oil and a few months later.

Sometimes you choose to be a hero, more often it is thrown on you like a cart of bricks.

It was around 4am, still dark and we were driving back from visiting the patient. With no patient in the back of the ambulance and no call waiting to answer our vehicle slowly toddle along the old forest road. Strange movement in the middle of the road caught my attention, being a Capitan of this vessel I commanded to stop and went to investigate.

In the middle of the road, crawling aimlessly was a kitten. There were no houses nearby, just this lonely few weeks old baby we almost crushed under the wheel.

What choice have I had?

I picked up the kitten only to notice he is covered in black goo, which easily transferred to my work uniform – and guess what I was holding him on my lap so … Now with just 10 minutes away from the station I was asking all cat gods to not have a call because arriving as dirty as I was wouldn’t testify well about the quality of service. My silent prayer must have been listened to because not only we didn’t have a call at that moment but we also were left in the station till the end of my shift.

Little that I know picking this little bundle of oil will change my life. You see, Diesel got toxic brain damage and as a result, he had epilepsy. Now our life turns around his medication and every holiday have to be carefully planned. Still, I never regretted the choice I’ve made that night.

He was supposed to perish on the road, we were advised to put him down because of uncurable refractory epilepsy and expensive treatment, and yet he is with us his 6th year living the best life we can give him.

If you can today look around and support your local cat charity, they choose to be a hero for stray, injured or neglected cats. hopefully, we give more kittens their own happy ending.

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