Blood gore and new doors (story from 2020)

People do weird things this year; we, for example, decided to exchange doors for a new one. Installation was booked for today at 8 am, so we woke up early in the morning to lock the cats in upstairs rooms; we did not want any accidents with escapees to happen of course. As you all know, one of our cats is feral. Spitfire was born and raised without human intervention. Still, as we
moved houses, she moved in with us, and that is how we ended up with an untouchable cat who just enjoys our hospitality. With a few hours of installation and completely open doors we needed to secure her, Mark wanted to shoo her upstairs. Still, I thought if we were going to scare her anyway, I would have a bit of poking and prodding to make sure she was all right. 

And that is where the story begins. We get her into the corner and tangled
into blankets. I’ve got my poking moments, and she was ready. At this point,
Mark decided he would carry her up.



Once he started walking with her, our so far reasonably calm cat (except hissing and spitting) got possessed by the demon., and she began to thrash around. I said, “Let her go, ” but for some reason, this stubborn mule of the man decided to fight with a demon cat and hold her even tighter. 


Spitfire wriggles herself and somehow manages to sink her fangs into Marks’s hand, right in the vein. Blood was hosing everywhere but did he let her go. 


No cat will win with a determined man. So he is holding her with one hand, the second creating a puddle of blood on the floor. Gore and carnage were witnessed by Serennah, who, with the blaze of a 12-year-old girl, was munching her Frosties sitting on the stairs and saying, “that is just gross”. 

I finally convince Mark to let go of the cat and come to the kitchen to put his slaughtered hand under cold water. He was pissed like a bag of badgers and on adrenaline overload. Serennah needed to go to school, and there was a lot of blood to clean.

I doctored his hand – yeah, sterile strips and antibiotics are part of our cat-household first aid and calmed him down with the copious amount of chocolate to the point of coherent thinking. The kid was sent to school with a story to tell, and blood was mopped off the floor. Peace returned to the crazy cat house.

Summarising this entire story – we have new doors, and they are pretty

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